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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shane, Brandon and Logan

Shane, Brandon and Logan

I went to CHERUBS conference 2 weeks ago and it was WONDERFUL!!!! :) I met a lot of friends, saw families that knew Shane and saw how much one of them has grown... wow, has Brandon grown! And Logan too... though I didn't get to see him this year, I did get to see them last year. Shane would be 16 now. Brandon and Logan are 13 now. You can see in the photo above how little Shane was for his age at 3 years older than them. And now... Shane would be driving and a Jr in High School. I can't imagine that, he will always be 6 and a half to me. But Brandon and Logan.... teenagers! With facial hair (haha)!!!! Where did the time go?????

Some people might think it would be hard to watch Shane's 2 buddies grow and get older and wish he was here too... but watching Brandon and Logan grow means so much to me. They give me hope. They show me why we should fight against the birth defect that all three of these boys fought. They are such amazing boys and good kids. I am so thankful to still be a part of their lives. And for selfish reasons too... I like to think Shane is watching over them and so I feel closer to him when I am with them. So to Brandon and Logan and to their moms and dads.... thank you. Thank you for not running when Shane died, even though I know it was hard for you to watch my grief and I know it was hard to be constantly reminded of what you could lose too. Thank you for being amazing friends all these years and for allowing me to watch my son's friends grow into such great young men. I love you all, very much!


Me & Brandon
CHERUBS conference, 2009

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