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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shane's 10th Angelversary

Shane would be 16 now... a Jr in High School. Getting ready for homecoming, begging to use the car, an after school job and playing on a baseball team. If life was fair.

Instead, here I am wish some family at the cemetery on the 10th anniversary of his death.

We do this every year on his birthday and anniversary. We, as in me, my mom and some of my nieces and nephews. Now C too. B & G are in school - we don't take them out of school in NC to go to VA with us on these days. I suppose when one of the days land on a weekend they'll go with us too.

We let balloons go - 10 - 1 for each year. 1 Sesame Street balloon and 9 yellow balloons. The weather so beautiful.... so much like it was the day of the funeral (after the rain stopped). Just enough wind to pick up the balloons and take them so high and the sky so clear we could watch and watch and watch them float. And they always seem to float together. It reminds me of what it must be like in heaven with all the cherubs flying around together. It was very peaceful to watch the balloons.

Thank you to my amazing hubby, C, who rearranged a family obligation to be there for me so I wouldnt' have to drive the almost 3 hours each way by myself (driving is so hard to do when you're crying). It helps so much to know I'm not alone and he's there with me. He's such a great husband to me and father to all 3 of our boys. I love him so very, very much.

And thanks to my incredibly MIL & FIL for picking up the boys from school for us. I am so, so blessed!

Thanks also to Jo Ann for always providing the helium for us for free every year at her floral shop - and the great hugs that go along with it. She's an angel. A member of my old VA church (when I lived there before Shane was born), a good, good Christian woman. She provided the 100 balloons for Shane's funeral. She's all always hold a special place in my heart for caring about us for all these years.

And to all of our friends and the members of CHERUBS for the over 100 e-mails, PMs, FB posts, calls, and cards..... thank you for remembering my son!!!!! I love you all dearly!

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