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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Easter is a very special day to me. I'm a Christian and I am so eternally grateful to God for giving his Son to us and to Jesus for dying for us to erase our sins.

In a way, it helps to know that Mary understands what it's like to grieve for a son. Even God wasn't spared from the worst tragedy a human can go through.... watching your child die.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the chance to see my son again some day! For molding me like clay to be a better person and to continue to teach me and love me every day.

And thank you, God, for 6 and a half years with my beautiful little boy and having 6 opportunities to share Easter with him. That was such a gift, we are so blessed. Thank you.

1993 at Duke

And thank you Lord for my new family, for an incredibly supportive husband and 2 beautiful sons.  This is actually my first Easter with B & G.   This is only the second year we've been married and last year they were at their mom's.   So I'm VERY excited to be able to do the mom thing this year at Easter as it's the first time 10 years I've been able to that.  

Thank you God for all 3 of my wonderful, beautiful, amazing sons.

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