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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chris' Gift To Me

A good friend and a member of CHERUBS made this video about me.  She had me in tears, it is so sweet of her to make.  I am honored that she thinks so highly of me.  Little did she know that the song she chose was a song that I sung to Shane all the time as he was my hero.   It is near and dear to my heart.  She said it "just came to her"... maybe Shane sent a sign through her.  :)    And she didn't know that on the day she made this and sent it to me that that I really needed a sign that I'm following God's path and that my little boy is ok.

Chris Weaver, you're an angel to me in many ways... thank you!

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  1. Dawn - You are a hero to so many people. I know I thank you all the time & I always feel it's still never enough. Please know I think of you everyday & I do mean everyday. CHERUBS holds such a specail place in my heart & will forever. ((((( HUGS ))))))